memory shapes
Personal data collections formalised into abstract physical data sculptures.
Memory Shapes are data-generated physical objects functioning as personal memory storages which emerged from individually recorded statistics of a person. All together they form a sculpture that grows along with a person's life like some sort of arbor vitae.

Certain self-chosen moments are documented throughout lifetime by means of small personal memory collectors - little boxes or buttons which are placed at certain locations or worn by the collecting person. Based on the gathered information of the collectors, each shape is being calculated and custom-made. The gradually evolving archives serve as individual life documentation for oneself, for others or for following generations. As one person's memory shapes are in each case unique in their form of storage and appearance, the information recorded by them is not immediately accessible for new observers, but becomes perceptible by giving intense attention to the object.

The three sculptures realised so far were developed in cooperation with the individual personalities which they represent. They visualise the different personal interests like the changing spatial distance between three important places or the state of close social relations in a poetic and ritualised way.

past exhibitions
Museum of Modern Art Kiasma, Helsinki
Le Deco Gallery, Tokyo
DesignMai, Berlin